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Use the list below to find which products you are interested in know rules of origin for.

2501: Salt and pure sodium chloride/ sea water2502: Unroasted iron pyrites2503: Sulphur of all kinds (excl. sublimed, precipitated, or colloidal)2504: Natural graphite2505: Natural sands of all kinds, (excl. metal-bearing sands of Chapter 26)2506: Quartz (other than natural sands)/ quartzite, whether or not roughly trimmed or merely cut, by sawing or otherwise, into blocks or slabs of a rectangular (including square) shape.2507: Kaolin and other kaolinic clays, whether or not calcined2508: Other clays (not including expanded clays of heading No. 68.06), andalusite, kyanite and sillimanite, whether or not calcined/ mullite/ chamotte or dinas earths.2509: Chalk2510: Natural calcium phosphates, aluminium calcium phosphates, etc2511: Natural barium sulphate (barytes)/ natural barium carbonate (witherite)2512: Siliceous fossil meals (kieselguhr, tripolite, etc)/ siliceous earths2513: Pumice stone/ emery/ natural corundum, etc, and other natural abrasives2514: Slate, crude, roughly trimmed or merely cut2515: Marble, travertine, and other calcareous monumental or building stone2516: Granite, porphyry, etc, and other monumental or building stone2517: Pebbles, gravel, etc/ macadam of slag/ tarred macadam, etc2518: Dolomite/ dolomite roughly trimmed or merely cut/ agglomereted dolomite2519: Natural magnesium carbonate (magnesite), etc/ other magnesium oxides2520: Gypsum/ anhydrite/ plasters2521: Limestone flux/ limestone and other calcareous stone2522: Quicklime, slaked lime and hydraulic lime2523: Portland cement, aluminous cement, persulphate cement, etc2524: Asbestos2525: Mica, including splittings/ mica waste2526: Natural steatite, crude roughly trimmed or merely cut/ talc2527: Natural cryolite/ natural chiolite2528: Natural borates and concentrates/ natural boric acid2529: Felspar/ leucite nepheline and nepheline syenite/ fluorspar2530: Mineral substances not elsewhere specified or included