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Use the list below to find which products you are interested in know rules of origin for.

4801: Newsprint, in rolls or sheets4802: Uncoated paper..., for writing... in rolls or sheets/ hand-made paper...4803: Toilet or facial tissue stock, towel or napkin stock and similar paper, in rolls or sheets4804: Uncoated kraft paper and paperboard, in rolls or sheets (excl. 48.02+03)4805: Other uncoated paper and paperboard, in rolls or sheets4806: Vegetable parchment, greaseproof papers, etc, in rolls or sheets4807: Composite paper and paperboard, in rolls or sheets4808: Paper and paperboard, corrugated, creped, etc, in rolls or sheets4809: Carbon paper, self-copy paper, etc, in rolls or sheets4810: Paper and paperboard, coated with kaolin (china clay), etc, in rolls or sheets4811: Paper, paperboard, etc, coated..., in rolls or sheets, nes4812: Filter blocks, slabs and plates, of paper pulp4813: Cigarette paper4814: Wallpaper and similar wall coverings/ window transparencies of paper4815: Floor coverings on a base of paper or of paperboard4816: Carbon paper, self-copy paper... duplicator stencils of paper, etc4817: Envelopes, letter cards.../ boxes, etc, of paper, with paper stationery4818: Toilet paper..., bed sheets, etc, articles of clothing, of paper...4819: Cartons, boxes, etc/ box files, etc, of paper, paperboard, etc4820: Registers, account books, etc/ albums for samples, of paper, paperboard4821: Paper or paperboard labels of all kinds, whether or not printed4822: Bobbins, spools, cops and similar supports of paper or paperboard4823: Other paper..., cut to size or shape/ articles of paper, etc, nes