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Use the list below to find which products you are interested in know rules of origin for.

7301: Sheet piling or iron or steel modified or assembled,welded etc.7302: Rail,tramway tracks,other accessories for construnctions of iron or steel7303: Tubes,pipes and hollow profiles,of cast iron7304: Tubes,pipes and hollow profiles,seamless,of iron or steel7305: Other tubes and pipes, having circular cross-sections, extern. diam >406.4mm, of iron or steel7306: Other tubes, pipes and hollow profiles, of iron or steel7307: Tubes or pipe fittings, of iron or steel7308: Sructures and parts of structures(bridges and bridges sections,etc.)7309: All types of reservoirs with or without thermal equipment,capacity >300l7310: Tanks,casks,drums,cans,boxes and any containers,of iron or steel,not >300L7311: Containers for compressed or liquefied gas,of iron or steel7312: Stranded wire,ropes etc.of iron or steel,not electrically insulated7313: Barbed,twisted,single wire of iron/steel used for fencing7314: Cloth (including endless bands), grill, netting and fencing, of iron or steel wire/ expanded metal of iron or steel.7315: Chain and parts thereof, of iron or steel7316: Anchors,graphnels and parts thereof, of iron or steel7317: Stationery pins(except in heading 83.05)of iron/steel with heads different7318: Screws,bolts,nuts,screw-hooks,rivets,similar articles of iron or steel7319: Sewing needles,for hand use needles of iron/steel(not elsewhere specified)7320: Springs and leaves for springs,of iron or steel7321: Non electric domestic appliances,stoves,parts thereof of iron or steel7322: Non electrical heating equipments,motor-driven fans,parts,of iron/steel7323: Table,kitchen,other household articles,parts thereof of iron or steel7324: Sanitary ware and parts thereof,of iron or steel7325: Other cast articles of iron or steel7326: Other articles of iron or steel