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Use the list below to find which products you are interested in know rules of origin for.

9001: Optical fibres,opticalfibre bundles,other than those of 85.44 etc..9002: Lenses,prisms,mirrors,other such elements of glass not worked optically9003: Frames,mountings,goggles or the like and parts thereof9004: Spectacles,goggles and the like,corrective,protective or other9005: Astronomical instruments,mountings,but not radio-astronomical instruments9006: Photographic apparatus,flashbulbs other than discharge of lamps of 85.399007: Cinematographic cameras,projectors with or withour sound system9008: Image projectors other than cincematographic/phtographic enlarger/reducer9009: Photo-copying,thermo-copying apparatus of contact type9010: Apparatus for photographic labaratories,elsewhere specified9011: Micro optical compounds(microscopes,microprojectio etc.)9012: Microscopes other than optical microscopes/diffraction apparatus9013: Liquid crystal devices not constituting articles provided in other heading9014: Direction finding conpasses/other navigational instruments,appliances9015: Surveying equipments,appliances,excluding compasses/rangefinders9016: Balances of a sensitivity of 5cg or better,with or without weights9017: Drawing,marking equipments not elsewhere specified in this Chapter9018: Medical instruments,veterinary equipments,electro-medical apparatus etc.9019: Mechano-therapy appliances,other therapeutic respiration apparatus9020: Other breathing appliances,gas masks,neither mechanical nor with filters9021: Orthopaedic appliances,hearing aids,to compensate for a defect/disability9022: Apparatus based on the use of X-rays,treatment tables,chairs,and the like9023: Apparatus,models designed for demonstrational purpose,unsuitable for other9024: Machines,appliances for testing the hardness,other mech.prop(metal,wood)9025: Hydrometers,floating instruments,any combination of these instruments9026: Instruments,apparatus for measuring excluding headings 90.14,15,28/329027: Instruments,apparatus for physical analysis,exposure meters,microtomes9028: Gas,liquid,electricity supply/production meters,calibrating meters9029: Revolution counters,mileomoters,pedometers and the like.except in 90.159030: Oscilloscopes,spectrum analysers,measuring other ionisingradiations9031: Measuring,checking instruments not elsewhere specified9032: Automatic regulating,controlling instruments and apparatus9033: Parts,accessories for the instruments,apparatus mentioned in in Chap 90